United International Indian School
(Under the aegis of UIS Kuwait)
Stocked with print books and digital technology. There is enough space for reading and access to Wi-Fi. It is designed to provide students with quiet and purposeful atmosphere for studying newspapers, periodicals and reference materials are also made available. 
All precautions are taken to ensure that each child is healthy and cared for. We have full time nurse and parents will be called in case of any serious issue.
Student Counsellor
A qualified counsellor would provide valuable assistance to students by having individual student planning and understand learning difficulties.
We have basketball court, badminton court plus a vast space for outdoor pursuits.
Multipurpose Hall
This facility is used for assemblies, meetings, Visiting speakers etc.
Safety and Security
We ensure a safe and secure environment for students. Buses are also fitted with safety and speed tracking systems. The area undergoes regular, rigorous inspection from local authorities and is outfitted with fire –safety systems.

Physical security of the campus is monitored by security personnel’s, and extensive network of cameras to keep an additional eye. Maintaining the wellbeing and safety of our students is critical function to which UIIS devotes time, energy and attention.
UIIS campus is 13,000 square meters and is exceptionally beautiful building with ample open space where kids are able to live and learn. It is well planned and well secured with internet facilities, maximum class size of 30 experienced staff and student counsellor. UIIS begins to work on a Master Plan in maximising the use of available space in a sustainable fashion. The school boasts of 58 classrooms and every child is under personal care and attention.
Science Labs
Science Department has 3 well equipped Labs, one for Physics, Chemistry and Biology catering to various requirements followed in UIIS. New equipment, Chemicals and reagents are procured from time to time to meet academic standard set by the Board. Students are given first-hand experience to make the concepts of Science lucid to them.
Computer Lab
There is presently Computer Lab with 20 computers. Students can use them for the purpose of learning. Practical knowledge is placed on equal footing with theoretical knowledge.